michelle; sixteen


A part of Baro’s letter to Jinyoung: When I was struggling, you struggled with me. When I made the wrong choices, you scolded me and set me straight. I’m really thankful and I’ll make it up to you.

35-37/50 edits of Jinyoung

“I think that CNU is a calm person who can judge things quickly. I envy this amazing point of him. I am someone who is more eager than others, when i feel that: ‘its this!’, I don’t bother if the other members can catch up. I become like a strong gust of wind rushing forward, then I will feel that I went too fast and get tired eventually… Being eager has a negative effect too! At times like this, CNU will make the correct judgement and pull me back to my feet. Things will go very smoothly if I am paired up with CNU!” -Jinyoung